Cooperative Resource Guide

The cooperative resource guide helps individuals and businesses enhance New Jersey rural communities by supporting cooperative businesses and other innovative businesses.

Mentor Program – connect with New Jersey co-ops and businesses to assist in your co-ops development

Technical assistance – Rutgers staff can assist with feasibility studies, financing, organizational development, and financial management

We work with agricultural co-ops, whose farmer-owners work together to market their crops, distribute their goods, and jointly purchase supplies at a better price.

The Co-op Model

Locally Owned – Cooperatives are owned and democratically controlled by the people who use the co-op’s services, existing to serve their needs and the needs of the community.

Meeting People's Needs – Cooperatives allow farmers and rural business owners to jointly market their goods and services, increase distribution efficiencies, and jointly purchase supplies at a better price.

 Principled – Co-ops are rooted in principles and values, fulfilling a social function driven by members to support fellow members and their community

Community Wealth Creation – By definition, cooperatives keep their profits in the communities where they exist, distributing profit on a patronage basis, ensuring the local owners who use the business the most, benefit the most.